Portrait: Leslie Cerier-The Organic Gourmet at Esalen

This Spring, I had the pleasure of working with Leslie Cerier , an organic chef and author for an article in Organic Spa Magazine, and as the result of that article I was invited to photograph her at the Esalen Institute in Big Sur CA. If you have ever been to Big Sur or Esalen you know how stunning the landscape is...         One of the pleasures we had was eating straight from the garden to the table ...When you have a world class vegetarian chef teaching, what else do you need? undefinedundefinedundefinedundefined

Cummington Fair

As we start to enter into the (gasp) holiday season... I still am wondering where did summer go? However  I am reminded, as I look thru these photos of the Cummington Fair that summer was not all that long ago...When I was asked to photograph for Cummington Fair's website, I thought "What fun" The quintessential late summer assignment! It proved to be the weekend that Irene hit so the fair closed a day early but until then summer was very much around...

Senior Portrait:Emily

When I found out Emily was interested in Acting and Music, my first thought was instantly The Academy of Music for a location! I was very excited at the idea and after some emails and phone calls, I was graciously allowed access to photograph Emily in the theatre. So we met up at the Academy to start our portrait session but and then ended up in the beautiful orchard at Outlook Farm... The sunshine really brought out Emily's wonderful spirit. It was such a delight to photograph her and I think I was able to capture the many sides of her bright personality! Special Thanks go out to the Academy of Music in Northampton Ma.!


We just had to Photograph out doors as well... Who doesn't love a beautiful day!

Senior Portrait: Xernay

Late August and early September still elicits back to school memories,cool nights, new clothes, apples and pumkins... and now senior portraits! I had the pleasure of working  with Xernay previously as she modeled for me on a shoot for Sharon London back in the early winter so I was excited to work with her again. We decided to hit the road so to  speak and shoot locally here in Northampton MA. We ended up all over, from corn fields to the Smith campus...and had a lot of fun as a result. Here are a few from our outing...

A few from another day.... The sun was so beautiful just had to grab a few more...

child portrait: Isabelle

I think I fall in love each and every time I photograph a child, especially one as sweet as Isabelle. Way beyond her 4 years...Isabelle was so good and very patient with this photographer! But what little girl doesn't like dressing up and being a fairy? Especially in the Catskill mountains! I have been wanting to stylize some of the portraits I have been shooting and Isabelle was a good subject to try some different effects with....I also had fun using some props in the mix too!

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Weddings-Hannah & Felipe

What better way to spend the day then to be photographing a lovely couple in the hill towns of the Berkshires... and Hannah & Felipe gave me that honor!  As I was driving up I was praying for no rain. I have to admit I was worried as the forcast was looking sketchy but my fingers were crossed!  Just as I arrived however, the sun came out and I got to take them out into their beautiful fields... Hannah & Felipe had decided to do the portraits before the wedding and given the forcast we had perfect timing... the rain came later ...They were certainly the prize at the end the rainbow that showed up on their behalf! Congratulations Hannah & Felipe and thank you for sharing your day with me!

Band Portraits: Mary G & Shamrock

First of all, I love photographing people and shooting portraits of musicians are are some of the most fun people to shoot! Especially when you have a great group to work with and Mary G & Shamrock were no exception. I recently got to see them perform at their CD release Party in Yonkers NY  where the spirits were flowing and the music was jamming... Check them out on youtube  

Sharon London Vintage & Design Online Store Now Open!

I recently had the pleasure to work on a project with Sharon Broit & Carl Mateo of Sharon London Vintage & Design. I photographed their clothing for Sharon London's first online store, It was a bit of an undertaking as there were over 150 products to shoot. However, it was a fun project for me as I LOVE their dresses!  I even got to name some of them in the process! If you are ever in Brooklyn N.Y. on the weekends head over the Brooklyn Flea Market and check out their clothes or check them out online at Sharon London Good Luck Sharon London!

Sharon london dress Northampton MA

Product: Candles

I recently had the opportunity to do some test shots for a local candle company. I love candles and candlelight so what better assignment could I ask for...Well maybe photographing candles in Bali... however candles anywhere can create a lovely mood. But what makes you reach for a candle and what exactly makes a good candle shot?  I asked myself these questions. For me it's a mostly a feeling of warmth and depth. Could I create the right atmosphere and yet show the product well? Here is my first try...

Windows and Doors

I have such a fascination with windows and doors. You you looking in or are you looking out?  Is the door shut or open? Living in New York City for so many years, I  was always amazed at the different stories behind every window or door....Thousands of stories...If only I had a chance to look in...what treasures would I find? I found these windows up on a recent visit to Canyon Road in Santa Fe. It was a Monday and so many windows were shut and doors closed but what would have I found if they were open....I'm sure many treasures!